5 WordPress Forms Plugins

You have a product to offer the world, doing it online is the normal practice to get your brand out in today’s busy world. So you set up a website, using WordPress as a platform. Now you have an attractive website to draw people in, what’s next? The ability to communiate with visitors comes next: people will have questions, and one of the easiest ways via to contact you wordpress forms. WordPress has millions of active users and developers, so there should be wordpress form plugins that might suit your needs. Here are the 5 WordPress forms plugins that can get you started.

1. WPForms

For those who are new to website design, WPForms is a wordpress forms plugin that has a large user base. While the lite version is free, you can opt for the subscription version when you need extra feature or have more freedom. If you are looking for an easy, drag-and- drop basic form design, and spam protection, the lite version is all you need. WPForms plugin understands it can be overwhelming, and makes it easier for people without web design knowledge. With it, you can create a lot of simple forms and start interacting.

2. Ninja Forms

AnotherĀ wordpress forms designer that is popular in the platform is Ninja Forms. The free or lite version is beginner friendly, however you can also opt to pay for premium features. They have three membership tiers: Personal, Professional and Agency membership, each caters to a specific need. Ninja Forms also has spam protection like WPForms in their free plugin.

3. Jetpack Form Module

You will be familiar with Jetpack if you work with WordPress. The plugin is designed by the team behind wordpress.com, as an all- in- one plugin. Jetpack plugin offers protection against brute force attack, as well as helping with site management. You can use the form module in the plugin if you are just starting out to see if having a WordPress forms will help your business. To start using the Jetpack form, first activate the module in the Jetpack dashboard. You can add the form in your page or blog post through the Add Contact Form button in the editor. The Jetpack form does not have many options, but it is enough for someone who wants to contact you.

4. Formidable Forms

For more advanced developers, Formidable Forms is one of the most advanced wordpress forms plugin in the platform. As it is marketed for people who know web design, Formidable Forms have features such as creating quizzes, calculators and having a multilingual form with its polylang add- on. The sky’s the limit with Formidable Forms if you know your way around it. This wordpress forms plugin is truly the best if you want to have full control. Despite being a plugin for the developers, you do not need any coding experience to be able to fully utilize all the features on offer.

5. Gravity Forms

It is not limited to contact details when you use Gravity Forms, you can create your own surveys, directory and much more. Gravity Forms offer a demo for you to try before you commit to one of their three licenses, so you can see what the plugin has to offer. A good reason to use Gravity forms is the large amount of third- party add ons that serve to make your forms better. The wordpress forms plugin comes with drag-and-drop interface as standard, as per all the other form designers on the list. It also has more than thirty ready-to-use form fields, which saves times when all you have to do is drag and drop.


It is worth while noting that all five WordPress forms plugins are the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. Hence, you can be sure that all 5 plugins have regular updates that make sure that they are in line with the current rules and needs of the platform. All the plugins also allow data download for tracking of business and customers as standard. With millions of active users, you cannot go wrong with any of the five. Running a business and a website may be challenging, but creating a form will not be a problem with a wordpress forms plugin.

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