6 Advantages Of Using E-commerce Software For Your Online Store.

In 2019 alone, 13.7% of all global sales will be made online. This is a rise from previous years, and this trend does not seem to be going down anytime soon. People like shopping online because it saves a lot of time plus it’s straightforward.

Entrepreneurs are also cashing in on this frenzy and are now opting to open their own online store rather than a physical store. It cheaper to start, and online stores do have less recurring expenses like rent or salaries.
However, when it comes to setting up an online store, most entrepreneurs do not know whether to use an already existing E-commerce software or create their online store from scratch.

Below we have a list of six advantages of using eCommerce software like Shopify. Here they are.

Ecommerce software

1. It is easy to create and run the store.

It takes time before a self-hosted online store can go live and start selling. A lot of things like coding, graphics design, and tests need to be done. If you do not have any relevant skills on how to do it, it may be even tricky and expensive. All of this will have to be done to ensure that everything is working well.

This is different when you use E-commerce software. Everything has already been done for you. They are designed in such a way it is easy for you and a customer to use the software. However, you have the option of creating your store to suit your desire.

If you don’t have the expertise yourself, there are plenty of Shopify partners which can help you achieve you goals as we can see in this article on Skytechgeek.com

2. You are more likely to be trusted.

Many people worldwide have been conned online. As a result, they tend to be very careful when they transact online. Using a reputable eCommerce software to host your online shop makes your business look legit and trustworthy.

You are likely to get more buyers to visit your shop compared to those who have self- hosting online shops.

3. Your online shop will be secure.

Everything that is done online is exposed to hacking and other fraudulent acts. E-commerce shops are not left behind. Hackers target these stores so that they can get your personal information and that of your clients. When this information gets to the wrong people, a lot of damage can be done.

Most self-hosted online stores are prone to these attacks. It is possible to secure them, but it will be more expensive. When you use an E-commerce software, the safety of your information and store is guaranteed.

4. E-commerce Software is cheaper.

As stated above a lot of work is done before a self-hosted online store is open and functioning. It will cost you from $200 to $3000 to create a fully functioning online store. There are other recurring expenses, such as hosting fees and many more.

You will not incur any costs when you decide to use e-commerce software like Shopify. Everything has been done for you; all you have to do is create your store and start selling. However, everything is not free. You will be paying a small monthly or yearly fee to the software company so that they can do all the maintenance for you.

5. Your store will load faster.

Most buyers get turned away when an online shop does not load fast enough. When you decide to host your site, you will have to do regular Maintainance to ensure that the website to your store loads fast. In the end, this may turn out to be an expensive venture.

This is unlikely to happen when you use eCommerce software. They are regularly maintained, and the good thing is it’s not you doing it or paying for it directly. Not only is this cheap but also good for business.

6. There are many payment options when you use E-commerce software.

Payment is no longer the same thanks to technology and the internet. Now you can send money to anywhere in the world instantly. This is one of the factors that have contributed to the growth of E-commerce.

E-commerce software like Shopify has multiple payment options your customers can use to ensure that you are paid. When you use a self-hosting online shop, you may have limited payment options which may not be reliable to your customers.

In conclusion.

In business, you have to look for options that favor you and your business. Opting to use E-commerce software like Shopify rather than a self-hosted online store is a tactic that will help you save a lot of time and money.

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